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Progressives Rejoice: Elizabeth Warren is Now The Most Likely To Be Bernie Sanders’ VP Choice

“If Bernie were to announce Senator Warren as his running mate, the election would be over in minutes.”

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As Bernie Sanders surges in the polls, pundits are beginning to ponder – who is he likely to pick as a running-mate if he were to get the Democratic nomination? A couple of weeks ago, the answer would have been complex and difficult to predict. Now, however, it is becoming increasingly likely that, if Bernie Sanders was to beat Hillary Clinton and win the Democratic nomination – he would chose Elizabeth Warren as his Vice-President.


Firstly, the grassroots’ desire for the pair of progressives to join forces underneath a unifying ideological banner is both undeniable and influential. Recent elections have proven that the key to winning is not appealing to voters from the opposite party – it is re-invigorating your base, mobilizing them and giving them a reason to vote. Just the mere potential coming together of the two progressives has liberal Democrats and left-leaning independents all over America dreaming again, full of hope and energy.

The campaign know of the universally high favorability ratings which Senator Warren has acquired during her tenure in the political sphere – combined with Sanders’ equally strong ones – they are an unstoppable force to which political gravity wouldn’t apply.

If the Sanders campaign team are smart and politically aware, which they have proven to be – propelling the “democratic socialist” from 4% nationally to now just under 37% – they will know that if Bernie were to announce Elizabeth as his running mate, the election would be over within minutes. Bernie and Elizabeth have the capability to unify and electrify the progressive grassroots in anticipation of the Presidential election. The pair would be able to offer a vision for America that would be so unique, so innovative, that the GOP would have no chance of winning over moderate Democrats or left-leaning independents (groups that they need to convert in order to increase the share of the vote they got in 2012 and win the election).

Need more proof that the grassroots are crying out for a Sanders-Warren ticket? We conducted a poll recently to derive which candidate the grassroots wanted Senator Warren to endorse and support. The results can be found here, but in simple terms ; 97% of over 3500 people wanted Bernie Sanders to be the beneficiary of the endorsement.

A progressive force for real change?

Secondly, Sanders and Warren are ideologically similar – and this counts for a lot when it comes to picking a VP candidate who you want to place your trust in to accurately represent your campaign’s political views in the media 24/7. This fantastic comparison between Sanders’ policy positions on the issues that matter and Warren’s respective ones effectively highlights the undeniable similarities between the two on both economic, foreign and social policy.

As principled people of their word, they have also voted upon the same policy stances they espouse. This summary of their voting records during, this, the 114th congress, derives that Sanders and Warren voted together on 87% of their total votes. What makes this statistic even more remarkable is that Bernie Sanders wasn’t a Democrat for the majority of those votes, he was an independent who caucused with the Democrats.

Meanwhile, Senator Warren seems to inherently disagree with former Secetary of State. Hillary Clinton on a whole spectrum of issues, as David Sirota of the International Business Times outlined, “For example, in her 2003 book, Warren slammed Clinton for reversing her previous position as first lady by voting in 2001, as a New York senator, for a bankruptcy bill that ultimately passed in 2005…

Additionally, Warren has been a vocal critic of so-called free trade deals, which create major regulatory protection for intellectual property, patents and copyrights, but often remove such protections for workers, consumers and the environment. Clinton, by contrast, was a key backer of NAFTA and voted for free trade pacts with Oman, Chile and Singapore during her Senate tenure.”

An issue by issue comparison of the two female political figures highlights even more policy differences on a variety of issues of importance.

The reason why being ideologically aligned to each other is so integral to a potential Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate partnership is that it enables a party to come together underneath the one banner. We saw in 2008 that a lack of cohesion and connectivity surrounding the thoughts of Presidential candidate John McCain and his running-mate Sarah Palin, partly, cost them the election. If Clinton and Warren were to run together, voters and political spectators would be able to spot a minuscule piece of past conflict between the two candidates, blow it out of proportion and, possibly, cost the Democrats the election. With Bernie Sanders and Warren – there is no possibility of that occurrence.

Finally – we can tell that Senator Warren is now the most likely person to run with Bernie Sanders if he was to win the nomination because of what she, and Sanders himself, have done so far during this campaign. What do I mean by this?

If Senator Warren had any doubt about a possible VP run with Sanders, she would have immediately dispelled the rumors, hype and progressive dreams. But she didn’t.

Similarly, when Sanders was asked about whether or not he was considering asking her to be his VP choice he said, “Elizabeth Warren is a very good friend of mine, I have known here for a long time, before she was in the Senate. She is a great US Senator. She has stood up to Wall Street. She has stood up to the Big Money interests. So, she uh, she and I will work together”. If Sanders had any reservations he would have immediately publicized them, but he doesn’t – he wants Senator Warren to run with him as she is the most suitable candidate to do so.

If ,and it’s important we say if, because he hasn’t won yet.

If, Senator Sanders wins the Democratic nomination we all know what his next move will be. He will pick up his phone, get on to his “very good friend” Elizabeth and say  “let’s do this.”


Note ; a grammatical mistake has been noted and rectified.


  1. We know no such thing. All of what you said about Warren is true and awesome, but we do NOT know a) whether their political calculation will result in thinking this is the most effective position for her and her talents, or b) whether she wants it.

    • This was the plan all along and no I don’t think that because he would chose her it would be a shoo in. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie have been cohorts all along and she still pretended to be a friend of Hillary’s. With friend like this who needs enemies.

  2. This, of course, is what everyone who is fed up with the political establishment is hoping. However, I would like to simply mention something that has nothing to do with the election, but everything to do with the blog. Progressives often criticize conservative goose-steppers on their grammar, mostly with justification. So, when a progressive blog posts news with glaring grammatical errors, it gives the right wingers ammunition. I would urge progressive posters to check their work closely. Case in point here is that the post begins with the word, “If”. That makes it a conditional sentence and automatically requires the past subjunctive of “be”, “were”. Thus, the opening sentence should begin, “If Bernie WERE to announce…etc.” Let us try to not repeat their mistakes. 🙂 Please don’t take this personally. Just trying to improve political messages.

    • The opening line is a quote. So, are you suggesting the blog author to misquote?

    • Political People

      My fault. Rectified.

    • Sandy Lemberg

      “This, of course, is what everyone who is fed up with the political establishment is hoping.”

      Not true.

      I am fed up with the political establishment and I think Bernie needs someone who is strong on foreign policy.

      Elizabeth Warren, bless her heart, is very weak on foreign policy. She will not be able to effectively complement Bernie’s strengths.

      • True! Elizabeth Warren is as weak as Bernie on foreign policy! Neither would be good for the country.

        • Philip george

          Piss on foreign policy! It’s time to concentrate on the needs of our own people here !

          • I feel the same as you, Philip George. The very first order of business with ALL entities in life is to get one’s own house in order. Clearly, America’s house is NOT! When the nation is on firm footing which includes unquestionable ethics, then the world has its star struck eyes on us, not to harm us, but to be inspired by us.

          • Extremely naive and dangerous position to take.

        • Michael James

          Disagree. The Hilary campaign was pro Iraq. The Sanders campaign was against the Iraq war. A war that we are still involved in do to profiteers. Elizabeth is as sharp as they come, and she has a moral compass. both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren have impeccably good judgment and are not obliged to the Oligarchs, the profiteers, or wall street using the american public’s as their puppets.

      • Conchchowder

        I’ll just let them decide on whom to choose to be an effective Secretary of State and let them help formulate foreign policy as they analyze that information for them to make an informed decision.

        It’s up to the cabinet to help formulate policy.

        Obama wasn’t a farmer, and or is/was the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture. He’s a lawyer.

        Sanders has proven his ability to analyze information and make the proper decision. Vis a vis, the Iraqi war.

    • I agree!

    • Mark Twain said a word means what I want it too mean

  3. Terrance D. Mulcare

    Yes, yes, YES! This has been my dream team since I’ve been following them! So glad to know so many see it the same way. I see a bright future for our nation, and the community of nations.

  4. This would fire up voters like no other combination. Dream ticket. I’m all in.

  5. John Lourenco

    I wis local news stations like WINK NEWS /Fl wold stop purposely leaving Bernie Sanders name out of the top running presidential candiates .

  6. I’d jump from trump…

    • Oh please.

      That’s like transferring from community college to Harvard.

      • Logan Maxwell

        You compliment Trump by comparing him to Community College… Maybe like transfering from 4th grade which is his speaking level.

      • Heyw00d,

        I take offense at that comment. As a retired Academic Advisor at a State University of New York (SUNY) community college I can assure you many community college students transfer to Ivy League colleges, including Harvard. They also transfer to schools like MIT, Standford, RIT and Notre Dame. Many community college students are accepted at the top academic institutions in the country but choose their local community college to save money and to begin their college careers where classes are small and faculty are there to teach rather than do research.

        Please do not insult our community colleges. They make a major contribution to this country, providing excellent educational opportunities for all their students.

        • I sense much butthurt in you, Terri.

          Closed minded people are the ones holding this nation back.

          Does the term “You get more done with sugar than with vinegar.” mean anything to you?

          Why piss everyone off in the world and impress our values and goals on people or countries that don’t want it? Why would you think a racist would be a great leader for the free world? The thought that Trump could possibly be taken seriously throughout the globe as a respectable man let alone leader is all but ridiculous!

          Ted Cruz is a Jesus first immigrant. Please don’t make the whole birther thing come back to life as a zombie horse topic-as in it was beaten to death already and now it would come back to be a zombie horse to be beaten until it’s head gets severed and placed into Clinton’s bed.
          Ted Cruz hasn’t offered one real idea to fix any problem in the country let alone outside the country. Canadians everywhere are collectively moaning because they don’t like him either.

          Hillary is pulling tabs right out of every Republican trick in the book and is already bought by big money companies. However, she has leader experience though. She can get some things done but not without more scrutiny than Obama.

          Sanders has literally converted me from Hillary completely. The mere thought of Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, electrifies me to the core.
          These people are trying to fix the problems faced by this country. With ideas that quite frankly, are amazing and pure common sense genius.

          This isn’t about socialism and Bernie isn’t going to create a socialist state. Using that term incorrectly is playing on the dumbed down uneducated American citizen and their Fox News Fearmongering.

          Please sit down and stop and read and learn and hear all sides-which makes sense?

    • Doug Klemperer

      You are saying that the selection of VP is why you would leave TRUMP.
      If you are a progressive how could Trump be an option for you. Could you explain any similairities between Sanders/Warren
      Vs TRUMP. Lol
      Quite perplexing. I would suggest a little “home work”.

  7. I wish he would be able to name her right now. I think, if he could, the election would be over as well…plus, I would love to watch Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s and Claire McCaskill’s heads figuratively explode with frustration. It would be priceless. And, it goes without saying, watching the reaction of she who shall not be named….

    • yes…i was wondering this… seems they usually announce between july-august, but i can’t find a “rule”…..he should do it if he can….minimal risk, and an almost sure super-surge….many say she should stay in congress, but her vacuum will pull into congress what is needed….this is part of the revolution…the old ways are literally dying before our eyes…..more EW’s are on the way…she needs to be in that white house!….

  8. John Willard

    Liz for VP!!!

  9. I think that this would be a great thing. I know the country needs something great to put it all back together for the people. Please lets hope this comes to reality. Great combo. Yes to Bernie and Elizabeth, you will change HISTORY !

  10. Rosemary Tharpes

    This would be a perfectly wonderful combination, Bernie and Elizabeth!! We Bernie People would be over the moon!! Then she would be in perfect position to be our first woman President down the line as well. Its a WinWin combo. We dream of this!!! <3

  11. YES!

  12. Earlene Hammond

    I’ve been saying this all along, so I am thrilled! It would be the perfect progressive match-up ever!

  13. I so hope he wins the nomination and she runs with him!

  14. They would be a Very Dynamic Duo I am all for it. All the elements for a strong base. My vote

  15. Bonnie Mooremoorebon

    One grammatical mistake is using was when you should have used were. Like in, “If he was to run” should be, “If he were.” Also, there should be a comma after Elizabeth and say. Capitalize let.

  16. Bonnie Mooremoorebon

    Sorry, but I taught English for twenty-seven years. I totally agree with everything you stated.

    • Frank Kramer

      There’s so many pluses to the notion of a Sanders Warren ticket that have been mentioned in both the article and in the comments.

      Primary strategies are quite different than general election ones. Though in this cycle the old notions of how to run a general may miss the demographic, cultural and technologically based communication shifts.

      That all said, my thinking—and I claim no originality for it but believe it has validity— is to choose a candidate from a swing state that has a boatload of electoral college points.

      Preferably out in the mid or far west and preferably of color.Though the latter may not prove crucial. If Bernie wins the primary, minorities certainly have embraced both his economic message and the one of genuine inclusiveness via his platforms on mass incarceration and education.

  17. really?! two old white people from New England. love ’em both, but what’s missing on a national ticket is a southern POC…preferably a Latino/a…

    • Someone like, say, Nina Turner? She’s not only got enthusiasm, she has the same feeling for the same groups and the same issues, and has for a long time. Her experience is also in a red state, which could be invaluable, and she’s run hard races, pushing difficult issues, so she knows this isn’t a cake-walk. She’s ready for this, and can meet the challenge.

    • I think either of the Castro brothers are people we should be watching.

  18. greg shephard

    Why does he have to wait ? Since naming her would cement the surge to win the nomination? That is of course if she were to agree, is there a legal reason to wait?

  19. Stephen Justino

    Bernie should announce that “even if she endorses Secretary Clinton for the nomination, when I win it, the first name on my short list for Vice President will be Elizabeth Warren!”

  20. The missing point is that Bernies Age worries some and Liz would show people that if his age gets to be a problem that his bench is deep. (Sports term )

    • Mutthar Phopp

      Really? His age? Hillary and Bernie are about the same age (only 6 years separate them). Just because Hillary dyes her hair doesn’t mean she is young. And age doesn’t really matter. Are they both healthy? Yes. Are they both mentally capable people? Yes. It doesn’t matter if both Hillary and Bernie are old farts… what matters is what they intend to do to represent and lead the Nation (ie., the People).

      • Considering that Bernie Sanders is 74 years old (he would be well-past 75 before his inauguration, making him BY FAR the oldest president to assume office) and that the average life expectancy of an American male (yes, I know that there are many factors that would probably increase Mr. Sanders’ own life expectancy) is 76, I think that it’s a valid point. I wholeheartedly support Bernie, but it really would be comforting to know that if the worst were to happen, Elizabeth Warren would be there to take the reins. Also, for the record, HRC is only 68 with the average American woman living until 81.

  21. Brett Chandler

    On one hand, Warren seems like a natural running mate. Sanders and Warren agree on virtually everything.

    The thing is, Warren doesn’t actually expand Sanders’ appeal. They overlap so well that the only voters who would be more enthused would be people who would have voted for Bernie anyway.

    Bernie needs a running mate who 1) expands his appeal regionally 2) reassures moderates that he’s not a wild-eyed radical, but is still 3) someone he respects and can work with.

    I personally like Wendy Davis from Texas. She’s currently supporting Clinton, but even that isn’t a bad thing; if Bernie names a Clinton supporter to his ticket it would help mend fences in the party (no, Bernie won’t–and shouldn’t–even consider Clinton herself).

    • How about Tammy Duckworth? If Ted Cruz is qualified, then she is too (one American parent, born abroad). I’d love to have a woman on the ticket, and I’d love to have someone with military experience as well. Only downside is she’s running for Senate In Illinois so assuming she won and had to vacate her seat, a Republican Governor would choose her replacement.

  22. Suzanne Lee

    Dynamic dream team! I’m all in too!

  23. Donald annichiarico

    Joe Biden is going to step in after Hillary is indicted and he has already sealed a deal with Warren as his vp. Mark my words.

  24. I love the idea of announcing the VP pic now, before the primary. But a better choice than Warren would be a young, progressive black, woman. Warren is great but, people like people who are like them. This way would get out so many voters we’d be sure to win.

  25. Good-bye to the “age” issue!

  26. I, too, think this would be the ultimate match-up!

    Another great VP pick, IMHO, would be Cory Booker.

  27. Sharon Reddy

    I think they have to consider Warren’s value in the senate and they’re the ones who are the best judges of that. There may be a number of senate races that need to show a ‘direction,’ before there’s enough info to decide. Bernie’s got other really good choices available to do the work of the VP, not just Warren, and definitely not just in congress. Martin O’Malley is one. It’s where they decide she would be the best for us, including the cabinet. Remember, we must have more progressives and fewer Tea Party Republicans in congress, to accomplish what we want. NUMBER ONE, vote out at least five of the “Freedom Caucus,” 40 extreme right self-proclaimed Christians, who can’t keep legislation from being passed with fewer.

  28. Randall Mitchell

    I have long thought (since last year anyway) Lizzy is best left in the Senate spear-heading Bernie’s initiatives. Now I can see that her inclusion on the ticket would turbo-charge a speeding locomotive, and also ensure that, if the bad guys take Bernie out (like they did Paul Wellstone), there’s still another warrior to head the charge. Bring her on!

  29. I agree. The election would be over in minutes! Besides making a dynamic duo against big corporates, it would also satisfy the people’s desire to see a woman on the ticket, and reassure that even if something happened to Bernie, she’d be there to carry on. Maybe she could run for president after his term. It’s the extra + we need.

  30. FunnyFaceKing

    VP is a ceremonial job. The least powerful position in DC. Elizabeth Warren needs to stay in the Senate where she can actually get things done.

    • Absolutely! I’m totally mystified at the responses to this poll. It’s a dream team only for white elite progs. Sure, she’s great. But to have two Wall St. reformers out of the Senate loses two seats and leaves no one left to promote change there! And, the lack of understanding of how to win on a national ticket! Two white people from New England does not win an election. It leaves a lot of people in the country disenfranchised. Major demographic groups left out of this ticket are POC, southerners and the west coast.The wave of the future are Latinos. (Though a southern POC would garner greater number of votes, and a big swing state would be helpful.)

      Liz would be more formidable in the Senate.

      • I do understand what you are saying as I have maintained that what she is doing is very important for the country. I would have liked her to be V.P. as she would also be a great asset to the Country there. What ever Elizabeth chooses she will have my support as long as it is not Hillary Clinton. I am sorry but Hillary is not right for the job of President, I have done enough research on her and Bill and it would be a big mistake for Hillary to be President. The American country needs honest and correctness laws to undo the horrible mess made by the Republicans and some of the Democrats, or the whole world will be in very poor and unstainable condition as a whole.

      • I agree. As awesome of a ticket as this would be, I would really hate to lose Warren from the Senate, where she can actually get things done. That’s why I was glad she did not run for President.

      • Not that I necessarily disagree, but you are basing that on pure speculation. The truth is, aside from our current incumbents, what you are suggesting has never even been tried. Two white people (men, in fact) has been the recipe for every winning national ticket in American history, and that is a fact. I’m not saying that is a good thing, or that it should not be changed; however, your certainty is based on… what, exactly?

        Furthermore, the notion that the interests of a POC, a Southerner, or a West Coaster cannot be represented by a white New Englander is nonsense. “Disenfranchised?” You should probably go look up what that actually means in a dictionary.

        I think the Sanders camp (as well as the Clinton camp) has much more of a “understanding of how to win on a national ticket” than you do, as you make clear here.

        Have some faith, my (I’m guessing) Millennial friend. Politics is more than demographics and stereotypes, and this ticket would have TREMENDOUS potential.

      • I’m a Latina in California and Saunders/Warren is my dream ticket. Why? Because they are the two most qualified people to run this country and get some change happening.

  31. If this is true, is it possible to make this announcement before February 1st? Should Bernie be voted the Democratic candidate this spring, that she would be his vice president?
    ?☝☝☝☝ #bernie2016

  32. Neither are part of the Washington Puppet Show. Neither are bought/bribed by the corrupt campaign “financiers” on Wall Street. The Wall Street Puppet Masters pull the strings of their Puppets in Congress and all through our political system. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would be the greatest President and Vice President in history simply by cutting the Puppet strings that control hundreds of politicians if not more. Elizabeth Warren, to follow in 8 years, would easily become our first woman President. The question is could we handle 16 years of the highest integrity in the White House.

  33. Cathy Woolley

    Bernie and Liz
    Let’s do this!

  34. LMAO! Bernie and Warren are the left wing equivalent of Palin and Cruz. They should start their own party, the Long Island Iced Tea Party, with the slogan “Left of Attila the Hun!” Yes, the election would be over in minutes and Hillary would be kind enough to send them an invitation to her Inaugural Party. 🙂 You people need medication.

  35. Though I love the Bernie/Warren idea and agree it would be formidable, I agree, there might be a vacuum in the Senate without these 2 powerful voices… maybe Tulsi Gabbard, or even Michelle Obama might be good alternatives, or Mariane Williamson?

  36. If Sen. Sanders discovers a cure for cancer in the next 90 days he might have an outside chance of winning the nomination. Ethically challenged as she may be, HRC will be the Dem. nominee and Juaquin Castro the V.P., and they can WIN. Considering the alternatives of Trump or Cruz is that such a bad result?

  37. You’d be stupid to want this considering it would remove much of her power she has now as far as fighting banksters. I see too many so called neo libs and progressives who are not in the bankster fight too. Why is that? Many of us are going broke fighting and standing in your place in courts all over this land. Read David Krieger’s book Clouded Titles and read some of Neil Garfield’s blog writings and join us. Otherwise, you don’t appreciate Warren as much as you claim to.

  38. While the assessment of Sander’s and Warren’s compatibility are spot on, the conclusion is flawed. If they both want to accomplish something when/if he is elected, which they obviously do, it would be far better to take back the Senate and have Warren as the Senate majority leader.

  39. Kevan Gibbs

    Hoping for the Sanders/Warren ticket, despite my belief that they will be horribly ineffective due to an increased obstructionist path taken by Congressional conservatives. That having been said, there are still typos and grammatical mistakes in your post. Here’s an easy one I’ll give you: third from the last paragraph. The word is “her” not “here.” You find the rest.

  40. Massachusetts Democrat

    The majority of people on that poll you cite, either don’t know who Warren is (40%) or have no opinion of her (16%, for 56% total). Furthermore 51% of the people who have heard of her say they would not consider voting for her, which are Hillary Clinton numbers. There’s really no evidence she would be anything close to a slam dunk, mostly she’s an unknown as that 56% is hard to place (but i imagine would skew more negative than positive).

    Overall, she’s just Bernie Sanders, who’s already considered a longshot, but worse. Bernie may struggle with minorities, but at least he hasn’t claimed to be one. Bernie may fly coach, but Warren certainly doesn’t. And all the while Warren chairs a committee that’s “tough” on banks, but still hasn’t held anyone actually accountable. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love Bernie to win, but I do NOT want Warren as his running mate.

  41. Jeff Davies

    The Republicans would love that ticket. How about letting a few states vote before Bernie and Liz start measuring the drapes in the White House.

  42. Maggie Clarke

    I have a two word question. Foreign policy? I love them both but they’re going to really have to study an awful lot in order to put up worthy

  43. Danny Darko

    This is simply another “yes we can” that gains traction because most people are politically ignorant. The most important thing you need to understand is political economy, if you have no working knowledge, then they can say anything and get away with it, and they do.

    The idea that elections are democratic is absurd to start with, secondly, if Sanders represented a threat to finance capital and Wall Street, he would vanish from the face of the earth.

    Every initiative Sanders has put forward is unrealizable under current economic conditions and he knows it.

    If you are not completely blinkered, mind controlled, indoctrinated to where you just dismiss anything that cut across your rigid beliefs this has been written to explain things in simple terms. Sanders/Warren = no change and nuclear war

    Private property

  44. Warren would be great V.P. but a tough Senate seat to lose strategically. I think Nina Turner or Jesse Ventura.

  45. Dream team: he has strong ideological roots, she has great strategy and legal/political knowledge, but she has said repeatedly she can do more for the cause as a legislator winning hearts and minds than as an administrator. Still, she may be stirred to action when Hillary’s rhetoric gets going. We can hope. . .

  46. Like a presidential marriage made in heaven. There would be no hanging on the fence, it would be jumping for joy.!

  47. Perfect match. They’re the best America has to offer.

  48. Rudy Gonzales

    That would be awesome!

  49. I’d transform from politically disaffected right back to extremely engaged if Sanders and Warren are on the same ticket. I canvassed for Obama during the first election, and he quickly disappointed me once in office. Particularly with his hawkish international policy of “executive” Drones and the like.

  50. Feinstein for VP….. Warren for Pres in20202

  51. Thomas Driscoll

    Seems to be some Republican comments in a Democrat piece of writing.Does not matter.Bernie Sanders is going to win the Democratic nomination.Joe who ? Yes,the election would be over.There are quite a few who could take over in Senate.Some have been named.I am very concerned if anyone else wins the Presidency.We, the people, would be left out in the cold so to speak.What the media forgets is that all the avoidance of Bernie Sanders has actually fueled his campaign, any negatives are non-factual.Bernie is not a radical,radicals do not have integrity the likes of Bernie Sanders.Common sense is going to win 2016.Bernie Sanders wins that easily against all opposition.I do not think it matters where the candidates are on a map,it is their actions supporting the people that wins .Oh yes,the foreign policy attack.Do not forgot Bernie is on several Senate Budget Committees.Bernie knows what,why,where foreign/military aid is being spent and that includes foreign wars and policies.Bernie has not flip flopped anywhere close to Clinton`s fair-weather policies.Bernie is the one who resembles FDR,no one else.

    • Richard Thornton

      No doubt that Sanders is the most honest of those running. The question is why am I obligated to pay more taxes? Why should I pay for health care for all? Or global warming? You think these Muslim retards over in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran,Iraq, you think they care about their carbon footprint?

  52. Richard Roth

    My question is why has Elizabeth laid back & not endorsed Bernie yet?
    Actually I would emphatically prefer Raul Grijalva, the first congressman to endorse Bernie. This gives both ethnic & geographic diversity. Prefer Elizabeth for Sec. of the Treasury

    • One idea is they could be waiting for the best surprise timing to have the most impact… which I would imagine should be very soon!

  53. Taking Warren out of the Senate (at the same time that it loses Sanders) would be a Very Bad Thing. I would much rather have her sitting on committees and voting on every bill in the Senate, than keeping a seat warm and breaking the occasional tie (which I could do just as effectively as she would). Fortunately both Bernie and Elizabeth are smart enough to understand this.

  54. Robert Morris

    Sanders/Warren ticket is unbeatable. And, would put the Reps down the river for another 8 years.

  55. losgatos_dale

    Really? Is my tv stuck on late night PBS? My radio on NPR?
    Will she be willing to teach native american studies remotely?
    For free? Remember, Bern won’t want to charge tuition…

  56. cursingoldgoat

    Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is not in the pockets of the billionaire/corporate puppet masters…….This election is not about lib. vs conserv. or dem. vs repub…….it is about taking our country back for the people……

  57. RealityStrikes

    Would be a great ticket, but the news cycle is now focusing on Warren’s apparently-imminent endorsement of Clinton (who she encouraged to enter the race).

  58. Why should Sanders wait till IF he wins the nomination… why can’t he say who he’ll pick now to help win the nomination? Wouldn’t that be the best move?

  59. This is indeed a very appealing tandem. Sanders’ V-P would certainly need to be someone who shares his agenda vis-a-vis the oligarchs and the people.
    I must admit, however, that I like having Elizabeth Warren as a warrior for the people in the Senate.

    Most importantly, right now, is this: Elizabeth Warren needs to give her clear and unequivocal endorsement for Bernie Sanders!

  60. This article is a fantasy football exercise. What if Hillary gets the nomination, as she likely (but not certainly) will? A Sanders as VP candidate has to be considered because the pull of his supporters can’t be sacrificed in a general election. Clinton/Sanders in 2016? I’ll vote for Bernie in the primary and would vote that ticket in the general in a heartbeat.

  61. Howard Hanst

    I would I vote for a grumpy old man?

  62. One of Bernie’s most powerful points is voter turn out. The consensus seems to indicate that most Americans lean moderate. While I served in the Army I have been all across this country and love listening to what people have to say. By in large their values and belief’s lean progressive.

    They want everyone to have a fair shot at succeeding in life. They want global blood shed to end. And more importantly, they remain optimistic. Many of these same people cringe at the word progressive or liberal.

    They have been convinced that these terms are synonous with federal wastfullness. That some how it’s akin to personal weakness or pacifism. People aren’t inherently evil, they’re self-preservationist with huge hearts.

    The media can continue to down play the idea that most of us are moderates. But we are far more progressive then we care to admit. If this was the case Hillary would have won in 2008. Instead President Obama was able to rally support because he had his pulse on what the people really wanted. Change.

    Bernie’s national appeal is continuously down played or written off as some leftist pipe dream. If he is the nominee he’like have the backing of Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans alike. The man rolls up his sleeves and fights for what we all want: peace and prosperity.

  63. Leonard Gresham

    That would truly be a “dream-team” and I would love to see it happen but what may be equally if not more important is getting elected officials in as many states as possible that are true progressives, if we don’t republicans will bog government down even worst than they did with Obama.

  64. Progressives may think that Sanders/Warren might be a good political choice but there is one very BAD SIDE EFFECT OF THIS… we would lose her Senate seat to a Republican because there is nothing to prevent the Republican Governor of Massachusetts to pick a replacement for her of the same party. So we would be Handicapped by two Senators beforehand and make it even more difficult to get the 60 that we would need to prevent the Republican Party from just Filibustering everything. Think of the whole picture.

  65. Actually, for now, we need Elizabeth Warren in the Senate. She does so much good work there. Then 4 years from now, Elizabeth Warren for our first woman president!

  66. Gregory Wonderwheel

    I would like to have a Sanders/Warren ticket, but I think this kind of speculation is way too premature. Announcing a VP choice before the convention, much more so before the nomination is even confirmed by delegate count, is much too much, and would only be taken as arrogant and presumptuous by most people.

  67. This would be an enormous mistake (one that both parties will recognize). Having a Presidential and vice Presidential candidate from not just nearly identical ideologies-nut nearly the same neighborhood would mostly appeal to East Coast voters with identical ideologies. Also, with the exception of the last two very involved Vice Presidents, that job is not usually seen as being as influential as the job that Warren has now.

    It would probably be seen by Senator Warren as a “demotion”.

  68. Jeeze thanks for getting my hopes up. I hope you’re right, but the title of this article led me to believe that something happened, or someone said something to indicate that this is likely. Instead it’s 1 blogger’s opinion with no factual evidence or historical examples/ analysis.

    “Recent elections have proven that the key to winning is not appealing to voters from the opposite party – it is re-invigorating your base, mobilizing them and giving them a reason to vote.”

    What do you mean “recent elections?” The only winner in this century was Barack Obama who picked middle of the road old guy Joe Biden to broaden his appeal to moderates. It worked. The only one who has done what you suggested was John McCain when he picked Sarah Palin, and that was a complete disaster.

    My worry? If he gets the nomination, he needs to appeal to moderates, taps Chuck Schumer or something. I was hoping this article would quell that concern.

  69. Sounds like a great idea, but I’m thinking a Sanders ticket would more need someone from another region of the country. Too many ‘rednecks’ wouldn’t even think about voting for a pair of New England ‘socialists’ (note my quotes).

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